Trident SR - Three-leg Series Regulator

Trident SR Regulators

The Trident SR is single, hand built, ultra-low noise, three-pin series regulator. Based on the Analog Devices ADM715x regulators, the they deliver up to 600mA of current with exceedingly low noise, for demanding applications. Available in 3.3V and 1.2V from stock. For other output voltages, please contact us.

NOTE: When used with Buffalo-III/IIIse DACs, Firmware Update 3 is required to compensate for the slightly longer settling time for the Trident-SR.

Board Dimensions
Max IOUT 600 mA
Max VIN 5.5 VDC
Recommended VIN 5.0 VDC
Board Size .75" x 1.075" (19mm x 27.3mm)

Ordering Options
Trident-SR 3.3V Series Regulator Module $40.00 USD
Trident-SR 1.2V Series Regulator Module $40.00 USD
Firmware Update 3 for Buffalo-III DAC (All Versions) $3.00 USD
Trident Combo for Buffalo(II/III)
  • [2] Trident-SR 3.3V Series Regulators
  • [1] Trident-SR 1.2V Series Regulator
  • Appropriate connectors for Buffalo-II/III
  • Firmware Update 3 for Buffalo-III(All Versions)
  • $115.00 USD