Ventus EZ - Headphone Driving Simplicity

The Ventus EZ modules provide the same balanced inputs and headphone driving capabilities as the Ventus, but in a smaller, easy to assemble package. Using a National Semiconductor LME49710 inplace of the Ventus' discrete circuitry, and precision (0.1%) Dale resistors, the Ventus EZ offers simplicity and accuracy. The LME49600 integrated diamond buffer provides enough current to drive even the most demanding headphones. The optional output inductor makes the Ventus EZ rock solid driving capacitive loads without instability.

The Ventus EZ requires a 12-15V bipolar supply, such as our LCBPS or Placid BP.

Ordering Options
Ventus EZ Complete Kit (2-channels) $70.00 USD
Ventus EZ Board Pair (no parts) $26.00 USD