Ventus - Headphone Driving Awesomeness

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The Ventus is a versitile and powerful headphone amplifier, featuring balanced inputs (can be connected directly to our balanced DACs and I/V stages), fully discrete front end, and powerful National Semiconductor LME49600 integrated diamond buffer output stage, capable of delivering up to 250mA of sweet goodness per channel.

Board Dimensions
Each Channel 2.00" x 3.3" (50.8mm x 83.8mm)

Ordering Options
Ventus 2-Channel (Stereo) Complete Kit $75.00 USD Out of stock
Ventus 1-Channel (Mono) Complete Kit $37.50 USD Out of stock
Ventus 2-Channel Board Set with Pre-mounted LME49600 $50.00 USD Out of stock
Ventus 2-Channel Board Set $32.00 USD Out of stock