The Mercury Fully-Symmetric Balanced I/V Stage

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  • Fully balanced, dual-mono, symmetric operation for ultra-low noise floor
  • Four-layer circuit board for optimized layout
  • Modules are fully assembled, except for optional through-hole components
  • VOCM Servos eliminates common-mode input offset current from the balanced I/V stages
  • DC Servos eliminates offset in single-ended stages
  • Balanced and single-ended outputs can be used simultaneously
  • All connections by direct or optional (included) terminal blocks

  • The Mercury is a fully balanced active I/V line stage with both balanced and single-ended outputs. Each channel is a completely independent mono implementation. While the Mercury was designed for use with our Buffalo-IIISE Pro DACs, they work equally well with all of our DACs. The inputs of the Mercury mount directly below the Buffalo's DAC chip (all versions) for very short, equal length signal paths. Gain is customizable with though-hole resistors, which are included for both ES9038 and ES9018/28 DAC chips.

    The Mercury requires ±15VDC (bipolar) power supplies. We recommend our shunt-regulated Placid BP supply, powered by a 15V+15V transformer (available here).

    NOTE: Version 1.0 of the Mercury requires a 12mm jumper be added for the right-channel balanced ground. Instructions will be provided.

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