The S/PDIF Transceiver Module

The S/PDIF Transceiver module is based around the Wolfson 8804 S/PDIF receiver chip.

This module provides a single-ended S/PDIF input (off-board connector) and an I2S output to feed the DAC module. It can also be used to convert an I2S input to an S/PDIF output. For those who want TOSLINK optical input, an off-board TORX connector will be available which can feed the S/PDIF input of the receiver board.

Digital power sections (3) feature National Semiconductor low-drop out (LDO) regulators.

Power supply electrolytic capacitors are United Chemi-Con NPCAP-PXE and resistors are Susumu 0.1% thin film. All connections are made with Phoenix terminal blocks.

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S/PDIF (WM8804) Receiver Module (Assembled and Tested) $75.00 USD Out of stock
Please see the Opus DAC and COD DAC pages for Combination packages with the S/PDIF Receiver