The Buffalo-IIISE (Stereo Edition) 2-Channel DAC

Buffalo-III Integration Guide
by Leon van Bommel
Stereo (2-Channels)
  • PCM (I2S), or
  • DSD, or
  • S/PDIF (Consumer-level or TTL-level)

  • Outputs:
    Stereo (2 Channels)
  • Can be combined for mono

  • Power requirements:
    5.25VDC for powering onboard regulators.

  • Four-layer circuit board optimized for mixed signals
  • Based on the ESS Sabre32 Reference (ES9018) DAC chip
  • Pre-configured for 2-channel (stereo) operation
  • High-precision, ultra-low-phase noise clock and integrated reclocking
  • Optional external master clock connections
  • Three seperate series shunt regulator modules (Tridents) for Digital supplies
  • Dual series shunt voltage regulator module for AVCC supplies
  • Direct DSD, I2S and S/PDIF inputs supporting up to 32-bit/192kHz
  • Switchable stereo S/PDIF input, or 2 channels of PCM/DSD
  • Accepts both consumer-level and TTL-level S/PDIF input
  • 2-Channel (stereo) outputs can be used in current-output or voltage-output mode (depends on output stage used)
  • All connections by direct or optional terminal blocks (included)
  • Optional U.FL connections for digital inputs and external Master Clock
  • Built in digital volume control using the including volume pot
  • Onboard microcontroller and 16 configuration switches
  • I2C header for optional remote uC interfacing
  • Seperate onboard regulator for powering the microcontroller and accessories

  • Ordering Options
    Individual Modules
    Buffalo-IIISE 2-Channel DAC
  • (1) Buffalo-IIISE 2-Channel DAC Module (Assembled and Tested)
  • (1) AVCC Dual Shunt Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
  • (2) Trident 3.3V Shunt Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
  • (1) Trident 1.2V Shunt Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
  • $379 USD (Sold Out)
    Buffalo-IIISE 2-Channel DAC Module (No Tridents/AVCC)
  • (1) Buffalo-IIISE 2-Channel DAC Module (Assembled and Tested)
  • NOTE: Local voltage regulators are required for Buffalo-III to function
  • $299 USD (Sold Out)
    4-Pack of Gold Hirose U.FL Connectors Pre-mounted
  • Optional for digital inputs
  • $6.00 USD
    Firmware Update 3 for Buffalo-IIIse DAC $3.00 USD

    Legacy Documentation
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    Buffalo 1.0 (ES9008):  Layout    Schematic    Manual