The Sympatico Balanced Amplifier

Like the TXO, the Sympatico uses a Burr-Brown OPA1632 fully symmetric op-amp for voltage gain, and a National Semiconductor amplifier chip in a nested feedback loop for additional voltage gain and current drive. Rather than three separate modules and two LM3886 amplifiers of the TXO, the Sympatico is a single small module per channel with one LM4780 dual amplifier chip in a balanced, bridged configuration. Some other design elements of the Sympatico include:

  • Fully symmetric, balanced operation
  • Ultra-low noise floor (perfect for high efficiency loudspeakers)
  • 100+ Watts/Channel into 8-ohm loads (conservative)
  • Precision SMD passive components for ultra-short feedback loops (0.5% thin film resistors)
  • Instrumentation front-end (LM4562) for high input impedance and easy interfacing with single-ended gear (balanced inputs recommended for best performance)
  • Single user-selectable gain control resistor (through hole)
  • Through-hole supply capacitors for easy tweaking
  • On-board discrete shunt voltage regulators for lower voltage stages
  • Multi-option power and signal connectors (faston, terminal block, direct wire)
  • Small form-factor (3" x 4")
  • On board power supply for easy installation

  • Ordering Options
    Sympatico Dual-Mono Amplifier Kit
  • [2] Sympatico Mono PCBs
  • [2] Complete Parts Kits
  • (All SMD Parts Pre-Mounted)
  • $279.00 USD
    Sympatico Amplifier Single-channel Kit
  • [1] Sympatico Mono PCBs
  • [1] Complete Parts Kits
  • (All SMD Parts Pre-Mounted)
  • $140.00 USD
    Sympatico Board Set (2 Channels, No Parts) $41.00
    Single Sympatico Board (1 Channel, No Parts) $21.00