Who Are We?

Twisted Pear Audio is a collaborative effort between Brian Donegan and Russ White to provide affordable, superior quality, high-fidelity electronic kits to do-it-yourselfers, hobbiest and audiophiles.

We are based in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA.

Our Philosophy

We design audio gear we want to use, and we use the gear we design. We take a modular approach to our designs: each module or kit is designed for a specific task. As such, modules can be used together in many different combinations to fit into your project.

We use high-quality components in all of our designs. We do not use snake oil. We do not release a product we are not both personally happy with. We do not offer our own subjective opinions about what our gear sounds like, or how great it is. We do have many many happy customers who will.


We accept PayPal only. As such, we do not collect nor store any of your financial information.

We do not accept bank transfers, checks, or Western Union. Sorry.


All of our pre-assembled modules are tested before shipping. We guarantee them to function as designed. Because of the nature of do-it-yourself building, we cannot warrantee your work. We do our best to make sure your experience is a happy one, and that your project is a success.

Our support forum provides both a wealth of information to help you out, as well as access to hundreds of experienced builders like yourself. We have the best customers in the world, and they love to help fellow hobbyists.


We ship exclusively via United States Postal Service. This allows us to ship worldwide with great low rates and a wide range of service options. Our shipping rates are the actual rates; we do not charge any additional handling fees. Our shopping cart allows you to see the rates and chose the shipping service level you would like to use. We guarantee delivery of all orders.

We try to use recyclable shipping materials, please try to recycle them. Thanks.